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Volume 3 (2017)

Issue 1

Note: Few Research articles under progress, we will update soon..

Robust Passivity like ISS Control Analysis for Lur’e System with Tim-Variant sector Nonlinearity of Exogenous Disturbance
Dr. Boka Kumsa

Volume 2 (2016)

Issue 2

Callus Induction from Tubers in Gloriosa Superba L.
J.Naga Lakshmi and S.K.Reddy

A Theoretical Investigation of Upper Critical Magnetic Field of Ruthenium Diboride (RuB2)
Beyene Tesfaw Ayalew1, Kasam Sreenu1* and Gebreegziabher Kahsay2

Design, Synthesis and Implementation of One Bit Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)using VHDL
Ashenafi Fekadu

Characterization of Essential Oils Extracted from Cymbopogon Citratus and their physicochemical properties
Tewolde Tadele Kahsay* and C.R.Unnithan

Issue 1

Mitigation of Nitrtae Toxicity Employing RO Technology
Bina Rani, Upma Singh, Rita Singh Mazumdar, VK Swami, Ritu Sharma, Leela Bishnoi,Priyanka Bishnoi, Raaz K Maheshwari*

Impact of Parboiled Rice Mill Effluents on Ground Water Quality
Dr. K.Ravindra Chary

Mathematics Problem Solving Skills of Grade 10 Students in Jimma Zone
Getahun Bekele

Estimation of Fluoride Concentration in Groundwater in some Villages of Karimnagar District, Telangana
B. Ramesh, B. Kavitha

The Glimpses of Ground and Surface Water Management in Kautilya’s Arthashastra
K.V. Murali krishna, B. Anusha, J. Kalpana, S. Priyanka

Separation and Degradation of DMF Containing Effluent into Industrial Applicable Water
Dr. K.Ravindra Chary

Investigation of Physico-Chemical Parameters to Assess and valuate the Water Quality of Different areas of Hyderabad City, India
I. Vani

Volume 1 (2015)

Issue 2

Understanding groundwater quality– a factor of sustainability, sources and impacts of contaminants in ground water
Chinnarao.Gantla, Purnasai.B, S.P.Shrivasatava, T.Ramachar, Jyothsna.K

Synthesis and Characterization of Caramel from Simple Sugar for Brewing Color Application
Addis Kokeb, Seyoum Mamo, Nigus Gabbiye, Atnafu Guadie*

Characterization of Physicochemical Water Quality Parameters of River Gudar (Oromia region, West Shewa Zone, Ethiopia) for Drinking Purpose
Bizualem Wakuma

Encapsulation of Co (II) Complex with A Schiff Base Ligands Derived from 1, 10-Phenantroline-5, 6-Dione and O-Phenylene Diamine in Zeolite Y
Wubshet Mekonnen,Isabel Diaz

Groundwater Quality Assessment of Different Wells in East Wollega Zone - Western Ethiopia
Shayaq Ali*, Muleta Ebissa, Diriba A.Gurmu, M. Vignesh Kumar

Issue 1

An overview of recent applications of atomic absorption spectroscopy in determination of inorganic impurities in drugs and, plants and its extracts
P.Venkateshwarlu, Gouthami. B

Understudies' issues in Learning Physics in Oromia locale Schools with some proposed arrangements
Kebede Legesse and Sreenu Kasam

High Throughput Screening For Antimicrobial Activity of Marine Sponges

Structural and AC conductivity studies of Ni-Zn ferrite prepared through co-precipitation method
Sreenu Kasam* Bhargavi T

KF.Al2O3 catalyzed Knoevenagel reaction: An efficient procedure for the synthesis of electrophilic alkenes
Avula Satya Kumar,* Boddu Shashi Kanth, P. Venkateshwarlu and P. Prashanthi