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International association of advances in research and management is a premier publisher of academic, technical and scientific work, reaching around the globe to collect essential reference material and the latest advances and make them available to researchers, academics, professionals, and students in a variety of accessible formats.

International association of advances in research and management has been publishing high quality journals fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical technology, Environmental Science, Materials Science, Nano Science & Nano Technology, Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biological sciences , Biotechnology, Environmental science, Forensic sciences, Genetics, Immunology and microbiology, Mathematics , Medical sciences, Molecular biology, Agriculture, Molecular modeling and designing, toxicology, Physics, Statistics, Mathematics, Veterinary sciences, Computer science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Energy, All streams of Engineering like Computer science, Civil, mechanical, industrial and auto mobile engineering , electrical, electronics and communication engineering, civil and environmental Engineering, biotechnology and bio engineering, mining and geotechnical engineering and, all fields of economics and business management, social sciences, arts and humanities etc..

International association of advances in research and management prides itself on a willingness to innovate as well as on employing visionary people with the creative and business sense to develop and implement new ideas. This focus has successfully led to the expansion of the group into new business areas and an ability to innovate, especially in the digital space.

Our mission is to serve the needs of scientists and the community at large by working with capable researchers and professionals from across the world to produce the most accurate and up to date scientific and technical resources.